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The Plank Straightener

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The Plank Straightener

The quick way to straighten decking boards on your own.

Most wooden decking planks are naturally bowed and this can make laying it with even gaps awkward and time consuming.

With the Plank Straightener made by Head 2 Hand here in the UK you can easily remove the bow from boards and with its self locking head you will have both hands free to hammer or screw your boards down.

One person can now easily lay the decking boards quickly and efficiently on their own.

Place the two pegs either side of the joist (up to 50mm 2inch) and slide handle to 90 degrees where it will naturally lock and hold the plank giving you both hands free to fix it. (See Pictures)

This tool can be used to push or pull the planks by simply swapping the ends over.

Constructed here in the UK from steel box section this tool is designed to last for the DIY or the professional user.

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