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Lift a Plank Ultra

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The Lift A Plank – Pallet Crowbar, Floorboard / Decking Lifter

The Lift A Plank Ultra With it’s handle measuring over a meter long is the big brother of the popular Lift A Plank.

A powerful tool specifically designed to remove floorboards, decking boards and of course planks from pallets as quickly and easily as possible with the least amount of damage or effort.

So if you are an electrician, plumber, recycler or DIYer Then don’t spend hours hitting your knuckles with hammers and crowbars get a Lift A Plank and complete the job with ease.

Hand made here in the UK this tool is made to last.

Using the Lift A Plank removes boards faster, cleaner and with less effort compared to existing solutions such as crowbars and hammers that require more force and can be difficult to position.

Simply sit the bars astride the joist or double joist (105mm 4 1/8″) and push down.

The angled handle allows powerful downward force with minimal effort. The design transforms the rotary downward motion into linear lift allowing all kinds of nails including stubborn ring shanked nails or Evan screws to be easily removed. The Lift A Plank will require less effort and will significantly reduce any damage. Evan the protruding nails will be easier to remove as protruding nails are left straighter.

Fitting central heating or rewiring a house can require many boards to be lifted. Its a lot of work and repairing all the damaged boards can also be time-consuming. Lift a Plank will require less effort and will significantly reduce any damage.

Free Postage to UK mainland

This item fits standard UK pallets. If you are taking apart Euro Pallets please see the Lift a Plank Euro that has a larger gap between the prongs (152mm 6″).


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